Results of public consultation for the design of the FCR Cooperation

Results of public consultation for the design of the FCR Cooperation

The public consultation ran from 09 Jan - 10 Feb 2017.


With the ongoing changes in the technology mix, e.g. increased share of renewable, demand side response, and storage technologies, TSOs and NRAs decided to assess the current status of the cooperation and study the possible market design evolutions. The assessment aims at clarifying if the current market design is sufficient or if changes are justified. When considering changes to the market design, the TSO’s objectives are facilitation of participation of all technologies including new entrants, increased competition, European integration of balancing markets, and increase of social welfare.


The report takes results from the public consultation as a baseline and presents joint TSO conclusions for the design of FCR Cooperation (Auction frequency and product duration, Bid design possibilities, Auction allocation algorithm, Cross border transfer of capacity obligation, TSO-BSP settlement and Market rules harmonization).

Next steps

A public consultation on the detailed proposal respecting the Guideline on Electricity Balancing (GLEB) process will be carried out in September 2017, based on the conclusion listed in the report. After the public consultation TSOs intend to submit their proposal to NRAs shortly after the entry into force of the GLEB. NRA’s approval process will be done on the legal basis of GLEB.

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