The EU has set itself ambitious targets for both the near- and long-term with the 2020 climate and energy package as well as a commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80–95 % by 2050. To bridge the gap between these two time horizons, the EU has set its sights on securing ambitious renewable energy and greenhouse gas targets for 2030. With the aim of real customer choice and competitive energy prices, Europe’s leaders are, at the same time working hard towards another major energy policy target: completing the Internal Energy Market (IEM).

To help Europe’s decision-makers meet these challenges ENTSO-E has developed a series of policy ** ******recommendations.**The purpose of the paper is to outline the key issues facing Europe’s power system today and lay out a series of recommendations which can set the EU on the path to addressing these challenges. **

In addition to this, you can also find ENTSO-E ‘s positions on the EU’s key energy policy proposals: