Power Statistics

We publish many different datasets of historical data collected: hourly, monthly and yearly.
Data is received and then aggregated by country.

Please note that due to the decommissioning of the database server as of 19th November 2019, the Power Statistics data is no longer being updated with new data. Exports of the archived data items are available for download below.

Data Source

The sole source of data published by ENTSO-E, are member TSOs. Networks of data correspondents are nominated for each specific report or for each specific purpose of data delivery.

Contact our networks of data correspondents


To report on those cases where the situation of a given country does not match the definitions provided on the document Guidelines for Monthly Statistics Data Collection and on the ENTSO-E Metadata Repository, a document on specific national considerations is made available.

This includes specifications relating to the geographical perimeter (when data is collected on a perimeter that does not exactly correspond to the perimeter of the country), representativity (when the data delivered does not represent 100% of a given geographical perimeter, but only a part of it), and other aspects concerning quality, availability and interpretation of data.

The document is updated on a regular basis, the last version dates of 14 September 2016 and can be viewed from the link below:

Change log

Make available downloads for archived data items
Added three new data items - net generating capacity, inventory of generation and transmission
Removed supply interruption as no longer collected.
Power Statistics Launches - data up to december 2015 can be found in the old data portal
New Generation categories and sub categories have been added.
NI (Northern Ireland) data is part of GB (United Kingdom) data.