Power Statistics

We publish many different datasets of historical data collected: hourly, monthly and yearly.
Data is aggregated by country.

Statistical Reports

Starting from 2021, Power Statistics data is published based on aggregations of Transparency Platform data *.
Transparency Platform data complies to the Transparency regulation which it described in the Detailed Data Description document (ref2 from the Manual of Procedures). Data is provided close to real-time and primarily it is not intended for statistical purposes. If you have questions, you can contact transparency@entsoe.eu.
* Exception: The Source of data published for Inventory of Transmission are member TSOs.

Statistical Factsheet

About Statistical Factsheet

The ENTSO-E Statistical Factsheet (previously known as the Memo) provides essential information and data on ENTSO-E and its member TSOs in a handy format. The Statistical Factsheet is generated based on the Statistical Reports data.

Within this factsheet, you​​ will find the following information:

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  • Actual Net Generation per Production Type and Net Consumption for each country
  • Net Generation Capacity per Production Type for each country
  • Generation overview
  • ENTSO-E peak load
  • Highest and lowest hourly load value of each country
  • Development of exchanges
  • Physical energy flows
  • Grid information (overview of the number and circuit length of cross-frontier-lines per voltage range and current type)
  • ENTSO-E members
  • Contact details

Please note that the Statistical Factsheets are only available in pdf format for download and not available as hard copy orders.​