ENTSO-E Offshore Hub

ENTSO-E and TSOs are accelerating the deployment of offshore energy for the energy transition.

500GW of offshore RES in 2050

Key messages

ENTSO-E and Transmission System Operators are accelerating the deployment of offshore energy.

We are delivering Offshore Network Plans for all European sea basins to kick-start the necessary energy grid developments.

The offshore energy future needs to be planned across borders, across different energy carriers and with a system perspective.

Long term planning and anticipatory investments will enable the efficient use of scarce resources.

Offshore connections will develop from point-to-point connections towards a more integrated and partly meshed offshore and onshore network.

Coordinated planning and operation of offshore network infrastructure will help to reduce the need for maritime space and the environmental impact.

Offshore network infrastructure needs to be planned, built and operated efficiently taking into account all stakeholders. TSOs have the necessary experience and system view.

Investments in offshore network infrastructure– including anticipatory investments – and in wind farms connected to more than one country need to provide a reasonable and predictable return for investors.

ENTSO-E and TSOs are also driving forward the necessary development and standardisation of technologies, including High-Voltage Direct Current technologies.

ENTSO-E will develop a proposal for a market design that deals with flows and congestions across sea and land, and paves the way for efficient price formation.

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