Information and Communication Technologies Committee

What we do

The Information and Communication Technologies Committee (ICTC) serves the business needs of the Association, ensuring the steering and monitoring for the technical management, development, and operation of the Association’s ICT infrastructure, ICT products, ICT portfolio, ICT standards, ICT architecture and ICT services, applying recognized security standards and thus, contributing to the state-of-the art secure environment.

The Committee aligns ICT strategic roadmaps with the Association’s strategy, closely collaborating with other Committees, while controlling and optimizing the cost efficiency for all ICT solutions and ICT services leveraging synergies, identifying mutualization of opportunities, and fostering cross-utilisation of TSOs assets (e.g., communication networks, hardware, software applications), experience and expertise.

The Committee engages in activities to ensure:

  • harmonisation of ICT architecture,
  • reusability of ICT architecture component for multiple functionalities,
  • integrated management of information security,
  • use of and adherence to standards supporting information designation, information object, modelling, information exchange services and interoperability aspects,
  • high quality continuous solution development and deployment,
  • high quality service operation and,
  • optimized technology lifecycle and project management.

How we are organised

The Information and Communication Technologies Committee is composed of 3 StGs (Steering Groups) and supporting WGs/EGs (Working Groups/Expert Groups).

Steering Group ICT Strategy focuses on managing a transparent and streamlined overview of the Association’s ICT Portfolio and Architectures as well as to develop a holistic ICT Strategy, while ensuring a common standardization approach.

Steering Group ICT Security drives and steers information security topics further by mean of the introduction, update, amendment, continuous deployment, integration and monitoring of the technical and operational information security rules and standards.

Steering Group Delivery facilitates the high-quality, end-to-end development, deployment and operation of all ICT products and solutions across the Association, while ensuring an efficient vendor management, setting frameworks by common ICT policies and serving the business needs.

Information and Communication Technologies Committee

ICTC Meetings

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