Power Outlooks

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Power Outlooks

Seasonal Outlook

ENTSO-E analyses possible risks for the security of supply in Europe twice a year: for the summer and winter periods. Because of possible very high/low temperatures and other 'extreme' weather conditions, winters and summers are more the most critical periods for the power grid.

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Mid-term Outlook

The MAF presents the first pan-European probabilistic assessment of adequacy - the ability of a power system to cover demand in all conditions - up to 2025.

The MAF replaces the SO&AF.

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Longterm Outlook

The 10-year network development plan or TYNDP analyses what infrastructure needs to be built in Europe according to a series of visions of how the power system may evolve in the longer term; up to 2030. The TYNDP is published every two years. The TYNDP 2016 consultation is now closed.

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