Infrastructure planning for the future power system will require a multi-sectorial approach, considering electricity and gas transmission assets but also transport and heat. In line with a ‘One system view’, ENTSO-E publishes today its roadmap for the development of multi-sectorial planning support towards 2030. With this roadmap, ENTSO-E will improve the consideration of smart sector integration in the infrastructure planning process. Smart sector integration will enhance flexibility across various energy sectors and allows a development towards a more energy- and cost-efficient energy system.

TYNDP of the future

Multi-Sectorial Planning Support (MSPS) will serve as an umbrella for infrastructure planning activities, to ensure coordination and consistency between pictures of possible futures developed by different sectors. It will be the starting point for system and sector development plans and focus on even more comprehensive and consolidated scenarios compared to today’s joint scenarios of ENTSO-E and ENTSOG.

The MSPS also identifies needs for dual or multiple-sector assessment of infrastructure projects, via a screening process. Projects that have relevant interactions with other sectors, or that compete with projects of other sectors addressing the same needs, will be compared through a transparent cost-benefit analysis. The MSPS will bring stakeholder engagement in the Ten-Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP) to a new level.


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