ENTSO-E welcomes the TEN-E review and the proposal by the European Commission, which aligns it with the Green Deal objectives. The proposal rightly emphasizes the need for a long-term holistic vision on energy infrastructure planning and for a framework that allows to integrate and coordinate various coupling solutions for different infrastructures through different network elements in an optimal manner and to support energy system integration. ENTSO-E salutes the new provisions regarding the inclusion of offshore hybrid projects, the new task to elaborate offshore development plans, the enhanced provisions regarding energy system integration, including provisions for energy system-wide cost-benefit analysis, support for innovation technologies and smart solutions, and the recognition of the importance of interconnections with third countries.

However, some provisions in the revised TEN-E need to be further clarified. In the following document, ENTSO-E makes concrete wording suggestions on how the Regulation could be improved further. Those proposals are based on our frontline expertise and we remain at policy makers’ disposal to discuss further in detail our practice and how it can evolve to ensure an ever-improving planning process of the development of the infrastructure necessary to the achievement of EU objectives.