SAVE THE DATE: 12 – 14 October*

What are the upcoming challenges & opportunities for Europe’s power system towards 2030? How do we best prepare for climate neutrality by 2050, move the customer to the center stage and increase flexibility?

These are among the questions ENTSO-E invites you to discuss in a series of webinars, each tackling a specific topic such as:

  • Scenarios for 2030 and beyond
  • Hybrid AC/DC networks and operational challenges
  • Market Design options
  • Unleashing the potential of flexibilities in the whole network
  • Energy system integration
  • Offshore development

The webinars will feature panel debates where stakeholders can really express their views on ENTSO-E’s Vision for the #Futureofthepowersystem.

(*exact timing of the webinars & registration available end of August)