ENTSO-E organized a public stakeholder’s webinar on “Flexibility from Power-to-Hydrogen” on 01 February.

We are grateful to see that the webinar has reached the registration limit a week before the event date, exceeding our expectations and therefore we would like to thank everyone for your interest to participate.

The webinar was focussed on the impact of grid connected Power-to-Hydrogen (P2H2) capacities on the overall electricity system including system development, planning and operations with a particular focus on flexibility provided by electrolysers for the provision of system services.

The webinar brought together experts in the field of the future of energy systems to exchange on the trends, lessons learnt from electrolysers projects deployment, technical capabilities of electrolysers, long-term storage potential, an evaluation of the economic viability of grid services from P2H2 and the interaction with suitable market schemes.


  • Session 1: Trends and projects for electrolysers deployment
  • Session 2: Assessment of technical capabilities of electrolysers to provide grid system services; Electrolysers for long term flexibility (Power System as well as Hydrogen Business view)
  • Session 3: Electrolyser business models, barriers, assumptions, and recommendations

These and other topics were tackled during the event. As a reference, please have a look at the ENTSO-E Study on Flexibility from Power-to-Hydrogen (P2H2) published in June 2022.

Detailed agenda is available here.

Webinar recording is available on ETNSO-E YouTube channel here.

Presentation is available here.