Following the public consultation which took place from 11 September to 16 October 2023, ENTSO-E publishes a revised version of the TYNDP 2024 Implementation Guidelines. These guidelines aim to support and complement the information available in the 4th ENTSO-E Guideline for Cost Benefit Analysis of Grid Development Projects. The TYNDP 2024 Guidelines provide further insights into data, methodology, tools, and practical examples used for the assessment of network development projects.

The public consultation brought the following changes:

  • Revision of the market modelling section to include the improvements of this cycle’s market models (Hydrogen system modelling, Flexibility assets modelling, Offshore network considerations)
  • Confirmation that the B8.1 indicator will remain a project-level indicator in TYNDP 2024
  • Update of the reliability standards table for multiple countries based on the ACER Report
  • Update of Overview of specific treatment of the EU-UK border (Figure 16 of Annex B)
  • Updates and further clarifications in the sections related to networks aspects

General rewording and clarifications of parts of the text ENTSO-E is now preparing the cost-benefit analysis of the projects included in the TYNDP 2024 portfolio. The draft TYNDP 2024, including the results of this analysis, will be released for public consultation during the 4th quarter of 2024.

Read the implementation guideline here