Information for TSOs and users

Application downloads

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ECP download page

EDX download page

ECCo SP User Symposium

ECCoSP User Symposium is an event for everyone interested to know about ECP/EDX. The symposium is designed to cover both basic and advanced topics, providing a comprehensive overview of the current state of knowledge. The symposium includes interactive sessions, presentations, and demos, allowing participants to engage in meaningful discussions and learn from each other’s experiences. This event takes place only once a year, providing a unique opportunity to hear from experts and interact with other users of ECP/EDX. Whether you are a beginner or an expert user, this event provides a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge about ECP/EDX. So don’t miss this chance - everyone is welcome!

Dates for Symposium 2023 will be announced soon so watch this space or subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

Docker Images access

ECP and EDX components can be run within Docker containers.

The components are shipped as Docker images and are available within the ENTSO-E Docker hub.

The installation package provides a Docker Compose file to setup a basic test ECP and EDX network.

Please contact for access to the Docker image.

Please refer to the following video for more information:

How to use Docker for ECCo SP

Sandbox Environment

ECCoSP Sandbox environment has been created to provide an easy way to try out the ECCoSP platform. You can explore ECCoSP features in the sandbox and get a first-hand experience of its capabilities. With the ECCoSP Sandbox, you can experiment with the different features and even try out the latest features without having to commit to a full deployment (you still need to install an ECP Endpoint). It can also be used to perform a basic set of smoke tests before installing/upgrading to a new release on your network. So, start exploring and have fun with the ECCoSP Sandbox!

 Please contact for further information and access to the sandbox environment.

Projects running ECP & EDX

Currently 3 main ENTSO-E projects are running ECP and EDX as pan-European exchange layer.

Transparency Platform

Common Grid Model (ENTSO-E Extranet)

OPC/STA (ENTSO-E Extranet)